Our Yoga Program Teachers

Guided by Passionate Teachers

Each of our program teachers is required to meet specific eligibility requirements before interacting with and teaching our clients.

Requirements include the completion of at least 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and certification in one or more of the following specialized yoga teacher trainer programs: the psychology of trauma, trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive, trauma recovery and addiction recovery yoga. 

Meet Our Program Teachers


Alisa Loveday is an impassioned teacher of Vinyasa Flow, senior yoga, youth yoga, and Yin yoga. Alisa’s yoga experience began when she was a teenager exploring meditation and then Hatha yoga. It wasn’t until 2012 that she felt strongly called to teach yoga herself. In 2013, Alisa honored the calling and threw herself wholeheartedly into her initial teacher training with the phenomenal yogini Jada Fire, earning her certification in Expressive Yoga Dance.  In June of 2017, Alisa completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Northern California with esteemed yoga master Mark Stephens. Alisa believes that yoga and meditation, practiced earnestly and consistently, have been a touchstone and panacea in helping her to cope with her own issues. She is grateful for opportunities to help others explore these powerful tools for growth, healing and personal transformation. Alisa believes that her collaboration with Yoga Haven is in perfect alignment with her soul-deep impulse to share the beautiful gifts of yoga with those who may greatly benefit. 


When Drew Muse was diagnosed with scoliosis, yoga became a huge part of her life. Ironically, she was able to complete a 200hour Yoga Teacher Training by winning it as a raffle prize at a yoga studio in Los Angeles, California. She then began to teach yoga and moved to Las Vegas, where she connected with Yoga Haven and immediately started teaching for their programs after completing a Trauma-Informed workshop. She is known for her beautiful practice, intuitive understanding of the body and her creative, engaging teaching style. She is favored by many of Yoga Haven’s clients and also provides rooftop yoga classes in downtown Los Angeles. 


Kaleigh Mancha is currently an marriage & family therapy intern after having received her Masters in Psychology from California Polytechnic State University in 2011. Aside from her 200+ hour YTT training focused on Body Positivity and being TRY Certified, Kaleigh is a certified doula. “Yoga is an exercise of the mind more than the body. It is the practice of being fully present in our bodies & in our lives. By honoring where & who we are in this moment & accepting that it is exactly where we are meant to be, we release ourselves of the burden of living in the past or the future. We become free.”


Lucy Shalvoy was introduced to yoga in NYC at renowned studios Jivamuti and YogaWorks. However, her career as a high paid and stressed out executive at a footwear company inhibited her from enjoying what yoga truly has to offer. It wasn’t until she resigned from her position and moved west to Las Vegas that she had the time to fully understand and appreciate yoga. While taking yoga at the gym, Lucy’s passion was sparked.   While continuing her practice, Lucy discovered and embraced the physical and spiritual balance of yoga.  She then decided to make it a major part of her life by taking an Intensive 200 Hour Teacher Training Course at Sin City Yoga, becoming certified in May of 2012. Afterwards, she continued at Sin City Yoga as a teacher until March of 2013. Seeking to go deeper into her own practice led Lucy to Barefoot Sanctuary. Here, she reveled in the loving and healing vibrations and energies of Expressive Yoga.  So much so that she went on to take The Expressive Yoga Dance Teacher Training course, and became certified in September of 2013. She taught at the Barefoot Sanctuary studio until 2015. Currently, Lucy is spreading the joy of yoga to the students of UNLV, teaching at their Wellness Center since 2013. As a teacher, Lucy brings a joyous spirit to her classes. She offers a challenging, vigorous, flowing class, but also incorporates the great therapeutic value of gentle yoga. Her classes are equal parts physical, spiritual and meditative. She has recently embarked on a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practice, deepening her love and understanding of the yoga lifestyle. Lucy is still learning more about herself one layer at a time through yoga. Every day she is grateful and blessed all due to her dedicated yoga practice.


Matt Hirsch discovered yoga and meditation in 2012. He completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT). He has been in Recovery since 1992 and has found his passion for Community Wellness over the past 15 years in Las Vegas. While his 12-Step practice has given Matt the critical foundation for a happy life, he has actively expanded his spiritual path to embrace the Tao, Buddhism and Yoga. Matt serves as a Director at Three Square Food Bank. He is happily married and has two joyful Golden Retrievers.


Stefanie “Yoga Bunny” Jillian is a children’s author and Yoga Therapist from Las Vegas, NV. After her initial training in Classical Yoga from The Yoga Loft in Bethlehem, PA, she began Yoga Therapy training through The Yoga Life Institute in King of Prussia, PA. She continues her advanced Yoga Therapy training through The Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, California. As a baccalaureate of Women’s Studies and Business through UNLV, Stefanie recently organized V-Day Las Vegas MMRP 2018, a theatrical fundraising movement to raise awareness and provide yoga to victims of domestic violence.

The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) requires 1000 hours of advanced training. A typical yoga instructor has 200 hours of asana (yoga pose) education. Stefanie Jillian has practiced yoga therapy since 2015. Fields of study include advanced anatomy and physiology, advanced classical yoga philosophy and psychology, advanced teaching skills, advanced sequencing for special populations and professional ethics. In addition, Stefanie Jillian has earned recognition through her work with children as author of the book series Yoga Philosophy for Young Hearts. Stefanie Jillian is also the only provider of stand-up paddle board (SUP) yoga in the heart of Las Vegas, bringing the practice of yoga therapy onto water. (Fully Licensed and Insured).


Shaun is a Mindset and Empowerment Coach, and Yoga Instructor based in Las Vegas, NV. Working through Amici and Associates in Mooretown, Vermont, he has helped develop and manage residential programs supporting and rehabilitating individuals living with varying forms of mental illness. Shaun has experience using attachment based therapy, mindfulness as well as music and art to help clients through mental health obstacles and challenging situations. Founding Be Breathe Become Consulting in 2016, Shaun combines his experiences in the mental health field with over 10 years of his own transformational journey releasing addictions and other blockages to empower others through coaching, classes, workshops and retreats. His passion for helping others reflects in his compassionate and intuitive guidance not only with his clients, but also with friends, family and even strangers.


Yoshabel Shay’s yoga practice started at the age of 13 when her father introduced it to her.

At 20 years old, she became more curious about yoga and it’s philosophy. For many years, she studied different eastern philosophies such as Zen Buddhism and Hinduism. Eventually she wished to combine the two and devoted her practice more seriously by undergoing a yoga teacher training. Recently, she finished her first teacher training through the SmartFLOW 200 hr program. Her ultimate goal is to bring this practice to all community and share the beauty that is yoga. She is currently a high school counselor for a Title I school in Clark County School District.

Our Mission

Why We Provide Free Yoga Classes

To empower at-risk youth, men, women and young adults through the practice of yoga and meditation.