Our co-Founders

It Started with a Passion for Yoga

The co-founders of Yoga Haven are two women with an immense passion for yoga and a strong desire to give back to their community. Yoga has a power and ability  to change a negative mentality into a positive one (regardless of the level of trauma experienced by an individual), and they wanted to bring this power to individuals who needed it. The dedication to yoga practice and meditation leads to personal development in truth, consciousness and bliss “Sat Chit Ananda.”

2017 Program at St. Jude’s – Crossings Supportive Housing

Meet Our Co-Founders

Honey Tejero

February 2016, Honey Tejero completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in Mysore, India. While in India, she participated in the “Yoga Stops Traffic” event, which was created to raise awareness around human trafficking and the nonprofit, Odanadi Seva Trust. This event and movement inspired Honey to create a nonprofit for people in the Las Vegas Valley, particularly communities that have been historically under-resourced and underserved.

In 2017, Honey completed a trauma-informed yoga training which provided her with the knowledge, practical skills, and understanding necessary to offer trauma-informed yoga classes to  survivors of violence and trauma in a safe and effective manner. Currently, she operates Yoga Haven and utilizes her knowledge from training to recruit trauma-informed yoga teachers to expand Yoga Haven programs.

Outside of Yoga Haven, Honey supports clients with their Las Vegas real estate needs and brings her commitment for accessible trauma-informed yoga full circle by donating a percentage of her earnings to Yoga Haven.

Natalie de Liagre Bohl

Natalie de Liagre Bohl plays a pivotal role as Managing Director, providing strategic guidance and financial stewardship for a single family office. She is a highly motivated and results-driven professional with a diverse background in finance, operations, technology, and entrepreneurship. She is an advocate for fostering a positive and innovative company culture and promoting a healthy work-life integration.

Two decades ago, Natalie formed a deep connection with yoga when Honey Tejero introduced her to Ashtanga. This introduction marked the beginning of a lasting friendship. Natalie is an avid traveler and a novice sailor. Her passion for exploring different cultures and engaging with diverse communities has provided her with inspiration and new perspectives. She is particularly dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and giving back to the local community she calls home.

Kind Words…

Dear Honey and Natalie,

Your passion and commitment to healing has inspired me (and Magda) so much. My personal history of trauma and addiction, followed by 25 years of 12-step recovery, meditation and yoga (the last 5 years) has really opened my heart to others who have suffered in some way, and who have the courage (“heart”) to heal themselves and others. You are powerful teachers and leaders.

Matt Hirsch, Director, Volunteer Engagement / Agency Services
Three Square

Our Mission

Why We Provide Free Yoga Classes

To empower survivors of trauma through yoga and meditation.