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We Are Providing Structure in Order for Our Students to Grow & Excel

2017 Program at St. Jude’s – Crossings Supportive Housing

“Trauma takes away the connection to self. It takes away somebody’s body as their own. Trauma sensitive yoga is really about rebuilding that connection, so somebody feels more like their own body. They live in their body. It’s a safe place to be. It’s a good place to be.”​

Elizabeth Hopper, PhD

Co-author of Overcoming Trauma through Yoga

Our Mission

Why We Provide Free Yoga Classes

To empower survivors of trauma through yoga and meditation.



What People are Saying

“It’s great to see true beginner’s mind in action. To be a part of and witness to fledgling yogis just stepping onto the path of their yoga journeys.

While probably not all of them will continue on with the practice for their whole lives, some may actually do so- and that is that is, for me, an inspiring and heartwarming realization.

Gratitude and respect to #YogaHavenLV for bringing yoga to underserved youth in our community.”


Yoga Haven Program Teacher

“I found Yoga Haven when I was searching for community based yoga classes, but got excited when I realized that
they were giving back in such powerful ways!

As a body positive, trauma informed teacher everything they stand for is everything I believe in. They work hard to ensure that yoga is accessible to all people regardless of experience level or socioeconomic status. They offer a variety of yoga classes taught by diverse, well rounded professional teachers & the donations generated from those classes go back to their amazing programs. I am thankful to have the opportunity to share my passion of yoga with local CCSD students all thanks to Yoga Haven!”

Kaleigh, LMFT CD

Yoga Haven Program Teacher