Yoga Haven Las Vegas

Teaching Coping Mechanisms through Yoga & Meditation
Young victims of trauma can find it difficult to cope with life, stress, anxiety, and PTSD.

Healing Begins on the Mat

What if there was a structured system that could teach victims of past trauma to overcome it?

Yoga research studies have shown that yoga can lead to higher self-esteem and higher confidence in facing new challenges. In victims of sexual, physical, or mental abuse,  it can help to overcome feelings of disconnection with their own bodies.

The Challenge of Yoga Teaches Students That More of Life’s Challenges Can Be Overcome

Our Impact at a Glance

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Last updated December 19, 2022

A Word

From Our Founders

Both Natalie and I have been practicing the traditional method of ashtanga yoga on a daily basis for many years. Through years of challenging progress, we both agree that yoga increases self-esteem and teaches us how to cope better with life’s unexpected challenges. Thanks to what yoga has taught us, we are able to share the same tools to underserved communities that can help them meet life challenges with confidence.

We strive to have a positive impact on thousands of children, women and men that have experienced trauma in the past.

We can only do it with your help.

– Honey Tejero & Natalie Lim

It Takes a Village

Help Us Heal More Students

With Yoga Haven, 100% of the money fundraised goes directly to each of our yoga programs throughout the Las Vegas valley. We have various ways you can get involved ranging from volunteering, attending one of our monthly yoga events or support us financially.


We are always looking for driven individuals that want to share yoga with our target population. Contribute to our cause by leveraging your strengths.

Attend an Event

Every month we host fundraising events where you can come try different types of yoga around the Las Vegas valley.

Financial Support

For every $10 that we fundraise, we are able to provide a FREE yoga class to 2 students. With Yoga Haven, 100% of proceeds go directly towards our target population.

Student Testimonial

“I have been going through a lot of issues, family issues. [Yoga] has helped me to deal with the pain and everything that I’ve been feeling.” 

Mariana R. | While in Supportive Housing

Recipient Testimonial

“I’ve noticed a difference in the students that challenge themselves with Yoga Haven’s yoga classes. Many of them are recently homeless after being kicked out, abused or with no place to go. Yoga Haven’s teachers and their bi-monthly classes create a sense of structure that they can trust and rely on.”

Ricardo Ocampo
Outreach Coordinator | Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth